About Us

DTSMS was designed for random drug testing and selection. It is an easy to use, D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) compliant software application for use with random drug and alcohol testing programs. DTSMS can quickly and easily performs random selections for any size or any number of groups based on the technical Architecture design of the program.

Easy to use: DTSMS import wizard integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, Text Files and Google Drive spreadsheets
DTSMS is easy to download and install. DTSMS Dashboard was built upon the premise of simplicity, allowing users to import data files mapped to user information. You import the data, create the criteria and select the employees and save the report. DTSMS is designed to help D.O.T. regulated operations into compliance, faster and easier. DTSMS streamlines the selection process for non-D.O.T. operations such as school systems, police and fire departments, as well as hospital and health care operations and corrections facilities. DTSMS is ideal for any random drug and alcohol testing programs.

It is this VISION of helping to set the standards at which we operate. When the client's comment is "awesome" we know at that time we have satisfied the client's requirements and have raised the expectations of those we compete against. Btwixt Group, LLC creates value while eliminating waste for our clients.

DTSMS was originally the creavity of one co-founder, while the other knew how to market the product. We have sold DTSMS (formerly RDT) for over a decade. Continually we welcome long-term clients back to update to the newest version. DTSMS is a staple of our software business, and will be forever.

Mailing address: Sales Manager, Box 1201, Millington TN 38083